New App – Pomelo Tree Sticker Packs

Available on the App Store

This new app for iPhone and iPad lets you use your favourite stickers where you want. Including native integration with Apple Messages and WhatsApp*, plus the ability to copy and insert in any app you wish.

Hundreds of original designs, hundreds of adorable stickers.



* At present WhatsApp stickers cannot be animated, but when this changes we will enable native use as soon as possible.

Stickers for WhatsApp

WhatsAp has recently opened up its doors to third party sticker creators, and we’re first in!

Starting with Penguin Bo and moving quickly, we are putting all of our stickers into WhatsApp friendly apps so they can be used in many more ways.

WhatsApp only allows 30 stickers, so we had to cut 6.

Refactoring for a better state of mind

As a part-time/hobbyist coder I have probably been Apple’s target programmer: keen, full of energy but in serious need of help if I’m going to actually achieve anything.

It’s no secret that Apple advocates a variant on Model-View-Controller app design, but thankfully they don’t market it like that; they just give you all the tools you need, and the templates, and the auto-complete to let you build your first app within a single file, a UIViewController to be specific. It is possible to do wonderful things without ever leaving that file, but if you do venture out into another scene that’s fine, just put another UIViewController on the StoryBoard, create a segue and off you go.

Now you have a rich app with things to do, and just two files to worry about. The simplicity is beguiling and it means anyone can make an app and sell it on the App Store.

But then I started making apps with 4 views, then 5, 6. Then I wanted to make it look different on iPad. And what about orientation. Oh, and of course I want everything to be connected and flow. I was starting to seriously lose control and wonder what MVC even meant, since I only seemed to have ViewControllers aplenty, but luckily a podcast came to help me and show me another route.

Swiftcoders by Garric Nahapetian: Episode 38 with Krzysztof Zabłocki

Protocols tell the coordinator what happened, so it can choose the next action

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Is this sweetener fooling me?

“… It’s the holidays season …” and I have had far too many lattes and mince pies in the past few weeks. It’s like one continuous sweet celebration. Still, we are social animals and here I am, just popping out for a coffee with friends. Will I choose a standard cinnamon dolce latte with good old syrup (273 kCal) or the skinny version with only 108 kCal to its name and not sacrificing any sweetness as my LattePilates App told me? (click here for free download, link) The choice should be a no brainer. But I linger on the “confirm” button for the standard cinnamon dolce even though my App is questioning my decision, telling the world, queuing behind me, that I am about to overshoot my limit yet again.

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Animated Christmas Script

Send the season’s greetings with beautiful style through smoothly animated cursive script.

* 16 Large Stickers
* Up to 50 frames for fluidity
* Small file size

We’ve used state-of-the-art techniques to get high frame rates and small file sizes to bring you animated stickers like you haven’t seen on the App Store before.

We also have a popular set of Cursive Script stickers and other animated sets, just take a look at our Developer’s page.

If you like these, please leave a rating or review, it really helps us keep on developing.

Available on the App Store:

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Latte: drink responsibly

What goes into your latte and how it contributes to your daily calorie and sugar intakes?

By @Lattepilates

 If you are reading the article, chances are you have come in to contact with such drinks and become partial to them. Now you are curious as to where it comes from, and more importantly, where will it lead you? Modern lattes as we know it in United States are variations of coffee drinks that existed in Europe since the 17th century.  In those olden days, drinks known as caffè latte, Milchkaffee, café au lait or café con leche were made on stove tops in kitchens across Europe. The drink was made up of coffee and hot milk with their proportions varied. Sugar can be added as an option to suit the drinker’s taste. And no, it wasn’t topped with whipped cream. As people travel, so do their favorite drinks. And like everything else in life, they evolved into multiple forms and became known by their new identities such as cappuccino, flat whites and of course, latte. The modern latte as we know it is a combination of espresso and steamed milk. The name “latte” is shortened from the Italian caffè latte with variations in spelling. People even use mixed languages as in café latte to refer to the drink. There is beauty in linguistic diversity. One thing has not changed though, if you order a “latte” in Italy today, you will still get a glass of milk.


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Latte Pilates

Out now on iPhone!


Monitor your calorie intake from drinks quickly and easily.
Sweet drinks can provide a surprisingly large percentage of the calories in our diets whilst providing very little nutritional value.

With Latte Pilates, you can assess what you are about to buy and see what alternatives there are. Calorie contents are calculated on the fly and give you a good estimate of what the impact will be.

– Browse drinks to compare calories
– Coffee, tea, frappes, soft drinks and more
– Save drinks as favorites
– ‘Confirm’ drinks to save a history
– Send images as stickers to friends

With a wealth of customisation and a responsive database, Latte Pilates can help you through the world of coffee shops.

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