Jet the Cat Animated


Jet returns in a series of beautiful animated stickers as he goes about his usual business.

With 14 smooth and charismatic animated stickers you’ll find this pack has great variety and stunning value.

– 14 animated stickers
– Full accessibility descriptions
– Optimized images so they are detailed but quick to send

Examples of VoiceOver text:
– Claws pierce their way through the screen and a mean looking eye peers through the gap. But then Jet the Cat pushes his way through the little hole and blinks cutely. Hello, it says.
– Jet the cat has a furrowed brow as he sadly wipes a solitary tear from his eyes. He sits sadly.
– Jet the cat is walking to the left, but something makes him stop, turn and say, “Huh?” with a question mark.

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Penguin Bo 2


The anticipated follow up has arrived:
Another 36 wonderfully drawn stickers featuring the lovable baby emperor are here, but he’s not alone.

– 36 unique stickers, including 6 seasonal ones
– Full accessibility descriptions
– Transparent backgrounds so they can be peeled and placed anywhere

Examples of VoiceOver text:
– Penguin Bo is putting the final touches to a magnificent snow penguin, complete with coal eyes, a blue scarf and two carrots for the beak.
– Penguin Tike is hoping that by planting one of his presents from the Christmas Tree, it will grow into something wonderful.
– Penguin Bo has a thunderstorm in his head, he is looking very stroppy.

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Penguin Bo 2 Animated

Preview strip copy.gif



Just submitted to the App Store!

Penguin Bo comes to life in 24 action-packed, smooth animations that you’ll fall in love with. Every sticker has been highly optimised to provide detail, clarity and smoothness not seen elsewhere.

– 24 animated stickers
– Optimised to allow up to 58 frames without losing the quality you associate with our stickers
– Amazing character in every animation
– Includes 4 winter-themed stickers
– Detailed VoiceOver for users of Accessibility

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Or, of course, there’s Penguin Bo’s other packs, animated or not, featuring the adorable baby emperor


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Animated Christmas Dancing Troupe



Enjoy a fun and playful Christmas and New Year using these animated stickers. Each one depicts a well known phrase and gets it moving in a variety of styles ranging from the smooth sweep of Joy to the dancing feet of We Wish You a Merry Christmas to the rhythmic clang of Happy New Year.
Each animation is carefully crafted to match the mood.

– 20 Large animated stickers
– Wide range of phrases
– All accompanied by detailed, descriptive VoiceOver text

Examples of VoiceOver:
– It’s the most wonderful time, of the year. The letters are jiggling amongst snowflakes as the pink and white polka dot Wonderful thrusts its arms up from side to side in an energetic dance.

– Surrounded by holly, the letters for Joy glide rhythmically from left to right and back whilst dragging their feet. Groovy.

– In disco dancing style, the letters Y, E, A and H raise their left arms from floor to ceiling then wave them amongst the coloured stars. Oh Yeah!

If you like these, you may also like the Christmas Survival Pack that is also on the app store, which features a mix of animated and static stickers. And keep an eye out for more offerings.


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Christmas Survival Pack



If you only plan on using one sticker pack this holiday, we’ve got you covered.
With 27 varied stickers covering the range from ‘What I want…’ to ‘Season’s Greetings’ to party invites to thank you messages you’ll find something day by day.

What’s more, 11 of the stickers are animated stylishly to emphasise their meanings, including a quivering cat’s paw as it reaches for a bird, bobbing houses wishing you a happy new year and a blinking, befuddled Santa.

– 11 animated, large stickers
– 16 static, large stickers
– A wide range of useful phrases
– Detailed VoiceOver support

Examples of VoiceOver text:
– A cat is reaching out with a quivering paw, trying hard to reach the robin perched on the end of the fir tree branch. The cat says that All it wants for Christmas is that annoying bird.
– Penguin Bo has taken his teddy bear to visit his friend, a polar bear, up in the north pole. This sticker appears to be a postcard.
– A cartoonish Christmas tree bursts up from its stump into a bright green display with a yellow star on top and presents underneath


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Christmas Survival Page1 iPad.png

Family Thanksgiving



Whether you are celebrating Thanksgiving or just enjoying the autumnal feel, these stickers will let you share your joy with your friends and family.

– 12 large stickers to showcase the art
– A wide variety of styles and messages within the theme
– Detailed VoiceOver text for accessibility users

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– Cursive Script
– Garden Birds
– Gothic Script
or one of our other original creations.

Examples of VoiceOver text:
– A beautiful garland of autumnal foliage with a green ribbon saying Happy Thanksgiving
– A calm, purple night sky hangs above a snow covered house and the words “Home is where the heart is”

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Sticker Fab Emoji Maker


Create your own unique stickers: Express your emotions

Sticker Fab Emoji Maker Duo

Sticker Fab Emoji Maker puts you in control of your emotions as you create unique stickers to represent your current mood and style.

— Amazing Value —

* Free starter pack offers 100s of sticker possibilities
* Purchase additional packs, each containing over 50 hand drawn sticker parts carefully designed to look great in all the 50,000 combinations possible
* You can even combine components from different packs for almost limitless choice and hilarious results

— Quick and Easy —

Sticker Fab Emoji Maker lets you create stickers in 5 easy, speedy, simple steps:

1) Swipe the screen to choose a face
2) Swipe the screen to choose eyes
3) Swipe the screen to choose a mouth
4) Swipe the screen to choose an item
5) Swipe the screen to choose some words

That’s it. We said it was easy, and each sticker can take under 10 seconds to make, although some people prefer to take more time in their creative process!

— Accessible —

Every sticker you make will have rich VoiceOver text for accessibility users, both while they are being made and when they are sent. They even have words written out so that they are pronounced correctly. Examples include:

– e mow gee sticker with a blue girl’s face with flowing hair and stars on the left cheek, blue eyes and raised eyebrows and puckered lips wearing red lipstick with a pretty lace with flowers in the hair above and thanks in bright pink below. Hand made for you using Sticker Fab.

– e mow gee sticker sticker with a big round ball of snow, eyes made out of coal and a happy smile with a sprig of holly with berries above and season’s greetings written in blue below. Hand made for you using Sticker Fab.

— Keep your favourites —

Each sticker you create is saved into your collection, so make as many as you want and use them again and again. (And when you are in full screen mode, swipe left on a sticker to delete it.)
— Further details —

At launch 8 packs are available as in app purchases, with each one providing over 50,000 possible variations.
The stickers you create are totally free for use as stickers in Messages for personal use only.



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Penguin Bo Animated


Penguin Bo gets his moves on in this animated sticker pack.

New sticker added!bo1-mov-copy

25 hand drawn animations show the baby Emperor Penguin Bo in his best light as he goes about his daily life.

Each sticker also has detailed Voice Over text for people using accessibility, such as:
– Penguin Bo waddling across the screen as the letters for Hello appear below him in strobing blue and green
– Penguin Bo blushes and then holds his wings to his mouth. Oops.

If you like this, make sure to take a look at Penguin Bo’s original sticker pack, or the Sticker Fab app that lets you design your own stickers.


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Sticker Fab


Make stickers personal with Sticker Fab, the quick and easy sticker creator you can use right inside Messages.


  • 3 large packs to choose from, including a new Christmas theme
  • Easily create stickers to use in any app using the share sheet
  • Take photos and use them in your stickers
  • All stickers work just like any other sticker in the Messages app
  • Choose from many beautiful backgrounds, including transparent for the true ‘sticker’ effect (3 in the free version)
  • Choose from over 40 hand-drawn objects to place (3 in the free version)
  • Resize, rotate, move or delete any of the object you place
  • Write custom messages on the stickers
  • Great companion to its sister app: Sticker Fab Emoji Maker, also on the app store. Try them both!

Simply swipe to Sticker Fab and you can use any of your creations just like any other sticker pack.

The magic comes from the Add button, which brings up a simple canvas onto which you can place, rotate and size any of the objects available. For free you have access to 3 canvases, characters, accessories and texts, but once purchased you will have over 40 high quality, hand drawn objects, with more bundles becoming available for the price a sticker pack.

samples-for-wp-2For a quick personal sticker just choose a canvas, put a character on it, add a message and an accessory and you are ready to send.

The process is just the same for more complex scenes, and as they are all saved you can make favourites in advance and then instantly select them in Messages later on.

You can even use previous stickers as objects in new ones, so one pro tip is to create a sticker with your friend’s name in and a transparent background, then use it in other stickers.

If you use other messaging apps, you can export stickers to other apps using the standalone Sticker Fab app, or save them to your camera roll.

So go ahead, start to make stickers personal with Sticker Fab.


Penguin Bo fan? If so, take a look at his other sticker packs, Penguin Bo and Penguin Bo Animated.

Penguin Bo

Beautifully hand-drawn stickers of Bo the Penguin with a wide range of expressive poses and detailed descriptions for users of Voice Over

– 36 unique stickers
– Full accessibility descriptions
– Transparent backgrounds so they can be peeled and placed anywhere
– Also available in Chinese and Spanish

This is our first sticker pack, launched in September 2016 when Apple first opened the store. The stickers centre around a young Emperor penguin chick called Bo. Penguin Bo also features in Sticker Fab (link), along with his friends and has his very own set of animated stickers (link). The animated stickers take over half of the themes from these stickers and bring them even more to life.

企鹅 Bo

Pingüino Bo

If you like these, you may also like the Penguin Bo Animated sticker set that is also on the app store, which features 24 action stickers.

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Penguin Bo
Penguin Bo