Refactoring for a better state of mind

As a part-time/hobbyist coder I have probably been Apple’s target programmer: keen, full of energy but in serious need of help if I’m going to actually achieve anything.

It’s no secret that Apple advocates a variant on Model-View-Controller app design, but thankfully they don’t market it like that; they just give you all the tools you need, and the templates, and the auto-complete to let you build your first app within a single file, a UIViewController to be specific. It is possible to do wonderful things without ever leaving that file, but if you do venture out into another scene that’s fine, just put another UIViewController on the StoryBoard, create a segue and off you go.

Now you have a rich app with things to do, and just two files to worry about. The simplicity is beguiling and it means anyone can make an app and sell it on the App Store.

But then I started making apps with 4 views, then 5, 6. Then I wanted to make it look different on iPad. And what about orientation. Oh, and of course I want everything to be connected and flow. I was starting to seriously lose control and wonder what MVC even meant, since I only seemed to have ViewControllers aplenty, but luckily a podcast came to help me and show me another route.

Swiftcoders by Garric Nahapetian: Episode 38 with Krzysztof Zabłocki

Protocols tell the coordinator what happened, so it can choose the next action

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If anyone is looking for good resources to get themselves into Swift programming properly, I thoroughly recommend looking at Bart Jacobs’ and Paul Hudson’s materials. Both write and present extremely well and offer fantastic free material to get you started.

Feeling confident for 2018: rest days are OFF in Underscore’s #Activity++

Happy days. I think I finally figured out the correct URL to use for my WP feed. Well, I’ve entered 3 and one of them’s obviously working, and I’m too scared to change anything again.

Impressed again by Apple. I found I needed to add authentication to an app but knew nothing about how. Two hours later it’s in, including convenience screens. Apple has really made developing easy to get into.