Stickers for WhatsApp

WhatsAp has recently opened up its doors to third party sticker creators, and we’re first in!

Starting with Penguin Bo and moving quickly, we are putting all of our stickers into WhatsApp friendly apps so they can be used in many more ways.

WhatsApp only allows 30 stickers, so we had to cut 6.

If anyone is looking for good resources to get themselves into Swift programming properly, I thoroughly recommend looking at Bart Jacobs’ and Paul Hudson’s materials. Both write and present extremely well and offer fantastic free material to get you started.

Feeling confident for 2018: rest days are OFF in Underscore’s #Activity++

Happy days. I think I finally figured out the correct URL to use for my WP feed. Well, I’ve entered 3 and one of them’s obviously working, and I’m too scared to change anything again.

Impressed again by Apple. I found I needed to add authentication to an app but knew nothing about how. Two hours later it’s in, including convenience screens. Apple has really made developing easy to get into.