New App – Pomelo Tree Sticker Packs

Available on the App Store

This new app for iPhone and iPad lets you use your favourite stickers where you want. Including native integration with Apple Messages and WhatsApp*, plus the ability to copy and insert in any app you wish.

Hundreds of original designs, hundreds of adorable stickers.



* At present WhatsApp stickers cannot be animated, but when this changes we will enable native use as soon as possible.

Stickers for WhatsApp

WhatsAp has recently opened up its doors to third party sticker creators, and we’re first in!

Starting with Penguin Bo and moving quickly, we are putting all of our stickers into WhatsApp friendly apps so they can be used in many more ways.

WhatsApp only allows 30 stickers, so we had to cut 6.

Refactoring for a better state of mind

As a part-time/hobbyist coder I have probably been Apple’s target programmer: keen, full of energy but in serious need of help if I’m going to actually achieve anything.

It’s no secret that Apple advocates a variant on Model-View-Controller app design, but thankfully they don’t market it like that; they just give you all the tools you need, and the templates, and the auto-complete to let you build your first app within a single file, a UIViewController to be specific. It is possible to do wonderful things without ever leaving that file, but if you do venture out into another scene that’s fine, just put another UIViewController on the StoryBoard, create a segue and off you go.

Now you have a rich app with things to do, and just two files to worry about. The simplicity is beguiling and it means anyone can make an app and sell it on the App Store.

But then I started making apps with 4 views, then 5, 6. Then I wanted to make it look different on iPad. And what about orientation. Oh, and of course I want everything to be connected and flow. I was starting to seriously lose control and wonder what MVC even meant, since I only seemed to have ViewControllers aplenty, but luckily a podcast came to help me and show me another route.

Swiftcoders by Garric Nahapetian: Episode 38 with Krzysztof Zabłocki

Protocols tell the coordinator what happened, so it can choose the next action

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Sticker Fab Emoji Maker


Create your own unique stickers: Express your emotions

Sticker Fab Emoji Maker Duo

Sticker Fab Emoji Maker puts you in control of your emotions as you create unique stickers to represent your current mood and style.

— Amazing Value —

* Free starter pack offers 100s of sticker possibilities
* Purchase additional packs, each containing over 50 hand drawn sticker parts carefully designed to look great in all the 50,000 combinations possible
* You can even combine components from different packs for almost limitless choice and hilarious results

— Quick and Easy —

Sticker Fab Emoji Maker lets you create stickers in 5 easy, speedy, simple steps:

1) Swipe the screen to choose a face
2) Swipe the screen to choose eyes
3) Swipe the screen to choose a mouth
4) Swipe the screen to choose an item
5) Swipe the screen to choose some words

That’s it. We said it was easy, and each sticker can take under 10 seconds to make, although some people prefer to take more time in their creative process!

— Accessible —

Every sticker you make will have rich VoiceOver text for accessibility users, both while they are being made and when they are sent. They even have words written out so that they are pronounced correctly. Examples include:

– e mow gee sticker with a blue girl’s face with flowing hair and stars on the left cheek, blue eyes and raised eyebrows and puckered lips wearing red lipstick with a pretty lace with flowers in the hair above and thanks in bright pink below. Hand made for you using Sticker Fab.

– e mow gee sticker sticker with a big round ball of snow, eyes made out of coal and a happy smile with a sprig of holly with berries above and season’s greetings written in blue below. Hand made for you using Sticker Fab.

— Keep your favourites —

Each sticker you create is saved into your collection, so make as many as you want and use them again and again. (And when you are in full screen mode, swipe left on a sticker to delete it.)
— Further details —

At launch 8 packs are available as in app purchases, with each one providing over 50,000 possible variations.
The stickers you create are totally free for use as stickers in Messages for personal use only.



Click here for the Press Kit

Front page santa.png


Sticker Fab


Make stickers personal with Sticker Fab, the quick and easy sticker creator you can use right inside Messages.


  • 3 large packs to choose from, including a new Christmas theme
  • Easily create stickers to use in any app using the share sheet
  • Take photos and use them in your stickers
  • All stickers work just like any other sticker in the Messages app
  • Choose from many beautiful backgrounds, including transparent for the true ‘sticker’ effect (3 in the free version)
  • Choose from over 40 hand-drawn objects to place (3 in the free version)
  • Resize, rotate, move or delete any of the object you place
  • Write custom messages on the stickers
  • Great companion to its sister app: Sticker Fab Emoji Maker, also on the app store. Try them both!

Simply swipe to Sticker Fab and you can use any of your creations just like any other sticker pack.

The magic comes from the Add button, which brings up a simple canvas onto which you can place, rotate and size any of the objects available. For free you have access to 3 canvases, characters, accessories and texts, but once purchased you will have over 40 high quality, hand drawn objects, with more bundles becoming available for the price a sticker pack.

samples-for-wp-2For a quick personal sticker just choose a canvas, put a character on it, add a message and an accessory and you are ready to send.

The process is just the same for more complex scenes, and as they are all saved you can make favourites in advance and then instantly select them in Messages later on.

You can even use previous stickers as objects in new ones, so one pro tip is to create a sticker with your friend’s name in and a transparent background, then use it in other stickers.

If you use other messaging apps, you can export stickers to other apps using the standalone Sticker Fab app, or save them to your camera roll.

So go ahead, start to make stickers personal with Sticker Fab.


Penguin Bo fan? If so, take a look at his other sticker packs, Penguin Bo and Penguin Bo Animated.