Latte Pilates

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Monitor your calorie intake from drinks quickly and easily.
Sweet drinks can provide a surprisingly large percentage of the calories in our diets whilst providing very little nutritional value.

With Latte Pilates, you can assess what you are about to buy and see what alternatives there are. Calorie contents are calculated on the fly and give you a good estimate of what the impact will be.

– Browse drinks to compare calories
– Coffee, tea, frappes, soft drinks and more
– Save drinks as favorites
– ‘Confirm’ drinks to save a history
– Send images as stickers to friends

With a wealth of customisation and a responsive database, Latte Pilates can help you through the world of coffee shops.

Information and Disclaimer

We have taken great care to estimate calorific contents for drinks and think we are pretty close to a popular coffee shop chain, but they are only estimates. Do not use values in this app as part of a calorie-controlled diet or for any medical purposes.

We use the Mifflin-St. Jeor equation to calculate the target calories, and multiply this number by 1.3 assuming that you do some exercise.

We then suggest drinking at most 10% of these calories following the World Health Organisation’s suggested limit on free sugar intake.

Our number is a good starting point, but if you know your personal numbers are higher or lower, you can simply use the dials in the app to find your value.

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