Penguin Bo

Beautifully hand-drawn stickers of Bo the Penguin with a wide range of expressive poses and detailed descriptions for users of Voice Over

– 36 unique stickers
– Full accessibility descriptions
– Transparent backgrounds so they can be peeled and placed anywhere
– Also available in Chinese and Spanish

This is our first sticker pack, launched in September 2016 when Apple first opened the store. The stickers centre around a young Emperor penguin chick called Bo. Penguin Bo also features in Sticker Fab (link), along with his friends and has his very own set of animated stickers (link). The animated stickers take over half of the themes from these stickers and bring them even more to life.

企鹅 Bo

Pingüino Bo

If you like these, you may also like the Penguin Bo Animated sticker set that is also on the app store, which features 24 action stickers.

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Penguin Bo
Penguin Bo