Pip the Pup

Over 50 beautifully hand-drawn stickers of Pip the Labrador Puppy as he plays and eats his way through life. Coming Soon!

– 50+ charismatic pictures
– Lots of variety and expressions
– Common phrases for easy use
– Detailed VoiceOver text

Examples of VoiceOver text:
– Pip the Labrador Pup is holding a mobile phone up to one ear. Ring Ring goes the phone.
– Pip the Labrador Pup is clinging desperately to someone’s leg as they stride off, dragging Pip along the ground.
– Pip the Labrador Pup is reaching up to the window to see if anyone is coming yet.

If you like these, you may also like the Penguin Bo sticker sets that are also on the app store, with animated and traditional packs to choose from.

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