List of Stickers

 Animated Christmas Script Silver
Animated Christmas Script Gold

Animated Christmas Script
 Jet’s Christmas Band
Jet’s Christmas Band



 Jet’s Dancing Band  
Super Festive Twinkle Lights

Super Festive Twinkle Lights
 Bubble Words

Bubble Words
Hi and Bye

We have an ever-growing collection of unique, hand-drawn stickers available.

Animated Christmas Dancing Troop

Enjoy a fun and playful Christmas and New Year using these animated stickers. Each one depicts a well known phrase and gets it moving in a variety of styles ranging from the smooth sweep of Joy to the dancing feet of We Wish You a Merry Christmas to the rhythmic clang of Happy New Year.


Christmas Survival Pack

If you only plan on using one sticker pack this holiday, we’ve got you covered.
With 27 varied stickers covering the range from ‘What I want…’ to ‘Season’s Greetings’ to party invites to thank you messages you’ll find something day by day.’


Family Thanksgiving

Whether you are celebrating Thanksgiving or just enjoying the autumnal feel, these stickers will let you share your joy with your friends and family.

Penguin Bo

This is our first sticker pack, launched in September 2016 when Apple first opened the store. The stickers centre around a young Emperor penguin chick called Bo.


Penguin Bo Animated

In this collection we have built on the themes of some of the original Penguin Bo stickers and got him moving.