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Working Class

By Panadda Sheppard

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App Store Description

The fastest app to use in every lesson.

No subscriptions, no in-app-purchases and no ads, just a really useful tool that gets out of your way and lets on focus on what really matters, your students.

– Opening the app takes you immediately your timetable

– Tap a class to see the students with today’s attendance and average grade

– Shake the phone or tap the dice to pick a random student

– Tap on a student to see their photo, award stars, grade attitude and more

– Switch to assignment view to set tasks and mark them

– Take a photo of homework off the board or type it in and email to the class

– Email the class a general message, or individual scores

– Add quick comments using text, dictation or photos


With one simple philosophy – everything you need and nothing more – this app helps you with day-to-day running of the class. Take the register, track progress, record comments, set homework, all from a few simple screens.


You probably have an MIS or other system for tracking students formally. Those systems are often slow and cumbersome. Working Class keeps things simple so you can use it quickly and easily during a class; it won’t slow you down or distract you from your primary focus, your students.


Designed by a teacher so we know what’s important. We use this in the classroom so we want it to work and we want it to work well. If something is awkward or slow, we care about improving it because we need our app to get out of our way.


Set homework in the app then either type details or take a photo of your whiteboard. You can then choose to email the task to your students and set yourself a reminder for the due date. Once complete, you can send individual emails to the students with their scores.


Keeping track of students is important so I have included a basic mark-book for tracking progress, along with a chart to see how students are doing compared to their target.


Import data from your computer to help populate the classes quickly. Chances are an exported class from your MIS will be read straight away. Folders of images can also be sent to the app to provide photos, simply name each file with student’s code. And marksheets can be exported for completion on a computer then sent back to Working Class to update.


With no adverts or other services, you can rest assured that data about your students is never uploaded; information only leaves your phone if you choose to export it.

Download Working Class to save time, save hassle and do more of what you really want to in the classroom.

Further Information

As a teacher I use apps daily and have always wanted to have something light and simple to use. Being able to develop my own apps, I set about designing exactly what I wanted with the flow I wanted, and I hope that this will also match others’ needs too.

The core of the app is a instant access to the timetable, class overview (for attendance and picking students mainly) and the student view to track students. Rather than an overly-complicated assessment system, the app focuses on simple trackers and stars as this is what teachers tend to want whilst delivering a lesson. More serious marking comes later and many teachers have other systems already in place; but I did include a simple (but sufficiently powerful for me) mark-book with the one core feature I wanted, which is setting homework via a photo and emailing it to students, along with setting a simple reminder when it is due.

The app is designed to be used in the classroom; it’s light, it’s powerful and it lets teachers focus on what’s important, their students.

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